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Britta Virves is a Stockholm-based pianist and a composer. She was born in April 24, 1991, on an island called Saaremaa in Estonia. She started playing classical piano at age seven and switched to jazz in her teenage years thanks to a teacher called Tiit Paulus. She has a bachelor degree in music from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and she´s been studying music in Odense (Denmark). In 2016 she moved to Sweden to continue her studies in the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and quickly established herself on the Swedish jazz scene. Since 2018 she´s been actively playing with Norrbotten Big Band and other collaborations include a diverse group of musicians, such as Helen Salim, Håkan Broström, Isabella Lundgren, Marie Mørck, Hannes Bennich, Joakim Milder, Peter Danemo. 

 In 2020 she got an offer to play a live concert with Britta Virves Trio at the Swedish Radio in Stockholm, that was broadcasted besides the SR in the Estonian, Lithuanian, German, Bulgarian and Serbian radio. After getting such a positive response, the band decided to record its first album in Nilento Studio outside of Gothenburg in November 2021. The album will be released in the Autumn of 2022. 

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